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About Us

C-Suite executives with decades of experience from Nike, Converse, VF Corp, and Hanes lead our Three Practice Areas. We believe this senior talent provides an accelerator when paired with our execution teams and your talent. Together we will confirm the problem “outside in” and then build a plan for resolution to unlock your organizations potential.

Our leadership team

Paul Herring

Greg Stephenson

Robert Chapman

Bob Woodruff

Rob Geurtsen


OUR Team Members


Dana Herring

Ivan Parmar

Josh Dearborn

Jim Sinor

Phil Melton

Janet Ydavoy

Alletia Smith

Allen Taylor

Craig Coggins

Bobby Nicholson

Tim Howell

Allan Didieu

Jeremy Hillary

Jonathan Rose

Donn Liles

Ivan Parmar

Our Principles

Listen, Then Listen Again

Freedom in the Framework

Simple as it Can Be

Complex as is Must Be

Love and Laugh Out Loud

Give Back

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